Loyal Photography : Family & pet photography

About Loyal Photography

Photos can tell a thousand tales. They hold important and treasured memories. Memories that can be saved and used in so many various with todays technology, Loyal Photography take photos of pets, family or photos of individuals.

Loyal Pet Services is the sister company of Loyal Pet Services, which has spent 8 years providing, loyal, loving and care for peoples pets. With a love of photography, Ian enjoyed taking photo of owners pets as a hobby. As this progressed and editing was introduced it was clear a passion an natural ability was apparent.

Then came along Ian's daughter, she became a model and now as a toddler she is happy to strike a pose when asked, in front of a camera or mobile phone camera. This is where the enjoyment of portrait photography developed to a new level 

The Photoshoot

Photo shoot sessions can take place at your home or on location. The aim and reasoning is to create a relaxed and enjoyable photography session for all involved and also with the aim to keep the price lower than a studio shoot. By being within a familiar environment certainly brings the best out of people. being relaxed and comfortable enables a more natural feel with this occurring within body language and poses

Family photoshoots 

The session could be a sibling setting, parents and children or other various family and friends. It could be taken within a family home, garden or somewhere of special significance. It is best to create a limit of people who are involved but if it is a large family then time and price can be negotiated as restricting is not our aim. Maybe it is a birthday party, baby shower the list and possibilities can be discussed.

Have you welcomed a new born into the family, is it a special birthday for mum, is it a special year of a wedding anniversary. Would you like mixed photo shots and styles of your children, some individual, some with siblings together and some with parents and grandparents 


Pet shoots can be easily undertaken, in the home, in your garden or a setting they enjoy and are relaxed. A mixture with family can be produced. Would you like photos f your dog playing in the garden, or your cat sat on your lap? Would you like photos of your pets with your kids and even grand children.


There are many various styles, colour, black and white plus many more. Photo editing can add different qualities and experience to the original photograph. Loyal Photography provide a range of original photograph images and edited images in colour or black and white or with tinges and back grounds

Loyal Photography provide 30 minute or 1 hour sessions  as standard in which includes a disk with a range of original and edited images and all the rights to the images on the disk. It is much more cost effective for customers to print and frame their images and I will happily guide you to the different photographic labs available to print and produce your photos


 45 Minute Photo session £50 + 10 edited photos

Extra photos £2 each edited 

Non edited £1 each

*if a session is at a location away from Hessle and Hull area,mileage of 40p per mile & entrance fee where charged, will be added to the overall cost*